You have entered our website, and we highly appreciate that. The purpose of this site is for us to tell you a bit more about ourselves; our lives and careers. Vi are siblings and together we have written and published ten crime novels, with Detective Chief Inspector Konrad Simonsen as the main character. At present two more volumes are planned in the series. In addition to this we have written one none-crime novel and several short stories, which has been published in both different Danish crime anthologies as well as French Elle.

We have now chosen to end the series about Konrad Simonsen, and although we will miss Konrad and co, it is time for a change :-).
In March 2020, the first two volumes of our new historical tension series Venner og fjender (Friends and Enemies) will be released. The plot takes place in the years 1939-45, and it is scheduled to be published in eight volumes. We sincerely hope that you will like this new non-crime series. Here you see the front of the first two books to be published in March 2020.


In 2004 Søren Hammer moved into the first floor apartment in the house where Lotte already lived with her family. He quickly suggested that they should start writing a crime novel together. In the beginning they wrote for the mere fun in it, but it quickly became serious work. The story and the plot grew and all of the sudden they had written 1000 pages. The book, which was called “The Hanging” (org.title Svinehunde) was signed on by Gyldendal, and was published in spring 2010, being now only 350 pages.
Even before the Danish publication the book was sold to 16 countries. It is the first time in Gyldendal’s long standing history that this has ever happened.
At this moment, the series has been sold to 22 countries. The list can be found here.

The first novels

“The Hanging” (org.title Svinehunde) became a huge success in Denmark with more than 100.000 sold copies. The next novel in the series ”The Girl in the Ice” (org. title Alting har sin pris) was published in Denmark, October 2010. “The Vanished” (org. title Ensomme hjerters klub) in 2011, ”The Lake” (org. title Pigen i Satans Mose) 2012, ”The Nightferry” (org. title Den sindssyge Polak) 2014, ”The Revenge” (Elskede Heidi) in 2015, Mørkemanden in 2016, To små piger in 2017, Mirakelbarnet in 2018 and latest Soldier Blue in 2019.
The latest four books have not yet been translated into english.


The main character, Detective Chief Inspector Konrad Simonsen, faces both life and murder investigations on the basis of his morals. This sometimes has serious consequences. He has a strong loyalty towards his employees, which ever so often clashes with his superior’s.
Also his private life is complicated, partly because he feels insufficient in relation to his grown-up daughter, Anna Mia, and partly because of his new and intimate relationship with one of his closest colleagues and employees, The Countess. The Countess, who is not noble, is attracted to her boss, but is also trying to keep any intimate connection and personal attachment in arm’s length, after having lost her son. Yet their relationship develops over the course of the two first novels, and she is frequently helping Konrad out. The team further consists of Arne Pedersen, whose marriage is on the verge of a breakdown, and who often seeks comfort from Pauline Berg, a young female Officer whose great ambition is to prove her skills as an Investigator. Both Poul Troulsen who is on his way to retirement, and not afraid to take harsh interrogation methods in use, and computer expert Malthe Borup plays important roles in the investigations. Some characters are occasionally replaced and “new blood” is added.